Fusion Corporate

Fusion Corporate is installed on your site, or can be hosted by Javelin in our Data Centre

Fusion Corporate is right for you if: 

  • You manage your own IT infrastructure
  • You prefer to use your team for gathering requirements, creating specifications, implementing data transformations, and managing change
  • You want to put an end to costly re-keying of business data
  • You have disparate systems that you need seamlessly and reliably integrated
Call us to talk about setup costs and standard monthly or annual fee - which will cover an agreed number of support hours per month.  We will work with you on this based on the level of activity you expect and help you work out the optimal fit for your organisation
The Javelin team is available to assist you with creating specifications, and can supply data transformations to your specifications at a flat rate per transformation
Extended support is available for Fusion Corporate to meet your needs

Fusion Corporate is priced per running instance of the Fusion software on a dual core CPU or equivalent, or per Virtual Machine.  There is no limit imposed on the volume of transactions that can be processed per instance.

There is no charge for test or "cold standby" instances of Fusion Corporate.