Remove Frustrations

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If you are frustrated with integration technologies that:

  • Are overly reliant on XML hierarchies;
  • Have clumsy reusability features;
  • Imply they have BPM capabilities but don't deliver on the claim;

then Fusion is the right product for you

Graphical Workflow Design and Implementation

Fusion workflows are modelled on UML activity models and can therefore do anything that you would expect a workflow to do - branch anywhere and re-enter anywhere.

Fusion's workflow designer allows you to build not only functional, but "good-looking" workflows.  This is important - a well structured, symmetrical workflow is easy to understand.  Compare the Fusion workflow designer with our competitors - you will quickly see how advanced it is.Many aspects of other products can only be configured within XML directly - so any graphical interface these products provide is really just an alternative to writing XML direct.

Similarly, storage of workflow and supporting artefacts in XML makes it difficult for these products to provide the kind of rich, database driven IDE experience that Fusion provides.


Fusion allows any artefact to be reused in any workflow in any project.  Workflow inheritance takes this to another level where template workflows can be created in framework projects that may be extended in any number of projects.

The in-line nature of XML-based products does not inherently support reusability.

Exception Handling

Fusion can catch any type of error at any level of the workflow execution stack allowing very fine grained error path handling.  Because Fusion workflows are re-entrant, you can also recover from an error and re-enter the workflow at any point. 

Web Applications

Fusion Enterprise provides you with full web application capability.  Web applications go hand-in-hand with BPMs.  If you persist workflow states to workflolders then you will want a web application to view that workfloder and act upon the work inside it.

Fusion IS a BPM

Powered by Javelin™, Fusion has full Business Process Modelling capabilties.  Fusion has process models that persist workflow execution state into the database when a workfolder is encountered.  This allows long-running business processes to be modelled.