Workflow and Business Process Modelling

A workflow typically represents a complete business process in easily managed form

Workflow: building the business process 

Business rules, notifications, decisions and error handling can all be incorporated into workflows, simply by dragging and dropping into the design window. Decision nodes let field values or calculations control the flow at runtime, including lookups to external data or initiating complex math. 

You can design and test workflows interactively then save them for execution. At any stage a workflow can be executed via right click menu or toolbar option. By executing in interactive mode you can monitor records processed, with immediate notification of errors or exceptions caused by incorrect flow control or incorrect data. Each stage of the integration can be implemented correctly, significantly reducing testing time and risk.

Fusion has process models that persist workflow execution state into the database via workfolders. This allows long-running business processes to be modelled. Fusion IS a BPM.


Workflow Inheritance

Workflow Inheritance is a game changer. The Fusion workflow inheritance feature allows common patterns and framework workflows to be extracted and enshrined as template workflows. Concrete implementations of these workflows can "inherit" all of this implementation and override small aspects to implement specific behaviour. 

The result is rapid application development and high quality.


Graphical Workflow

Fusion is a truly drag-and-drop graphical development environment.  Fusion artefacts can be reused in any workflow in any project (see also workflow inheritance).

Workflows are based on the concept of forwards - any node can have any number of outgoing links, each with a different forward. The workflow will choose a path depending on the resulting forward - a node never determines the next thing that will execute - the workflow does.

The Fusion Workflow Designer allows you to build functional and well-structured workflows.


Rapid Development using Fusion

Fusion is a rapid application development environment that allows workflows to be graphically represented, inherited from, and to have web applications built over.

The Fusion development toolset is mature and robust, with more than a decade of history producing reliable workflow applications.